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Inspecting of commercial space

Inspection of a commercial object consists in a visual assessment of the condition of common areas and structures in order to identify defects, shortcomings and possible technical risks.
We will provide you with information about your current condition, potential risks and recommend further diagnostic procedures if necessary. The technical certificate serves as a useful tool when buying or selling real estate, after the end of the warranty period, when planning reconstruction or when it is necessary to draw up a repair and investment plan.

Process of work

We'll identify any defects, deficiencies, or deviations from standards that could affect the quality of your prospective property. A comprehensive assessment will be prepared, enabling you to discuss rectifying these issues with the seller or negotiate a discount on the property.
  • Application

    Please book an inspection or contact our specialist and we will serve you quickly and professionally.
  • Departure of the expert

    Select a date and time for the home inspection that works for you. Our specialist will bring all necessary equipment.
  • Inspection

    Inspector will examine the major systems of your home as well as provides any additional services you specified in your booking.
  • Getting a report and payment

    After the inspection closes you will get a report in electronic form (PDF). Payment is made.
Report in PDF format
After the inspection closes you will get a report in PDF format, where you can find all violations of the existing building requirements detected by our professionals. The report will be sent to your email or messenger.

Based on this document, the developer is obliged to rectify all identified violations.

Frequently asked questions

What do our inspectors check for in the finished new building?

Windows and doors

Cracks, chips and scales. Sash-operating mechanism. Weather-stripping and caulking around windows.

Floor and walls flatness

Checking walls covering on deviation from the vertical plane.
Checking floor covering on deviation from the horizontal plane.


Checking the functionality of natural ventilation. Checking the functionality of mechanical ventilation.


Testing all the outlets and making sure there are functional ground fault circuit interrupters (which can protect you from electrocution, electric shock, and electrical burns). Checking your electrical panel for any safety issues.


Our specialists will inspect your pipes and lines, looking for leaks, damaged fittings, or other potential problems. Checking the water meter.


Checking exterior mechanical defects. Deficiencies made in the course of cladding , installation.

Quality of finishing works

Walls finishing, plastering, paneling and painting (calking, wallpapering etc.) works. Quality of laminate flooring.

Quality of finishing works

Ceiling painting, tile walls and floor. quality of interior doors installation. Plumbing installation.

Preparation of an inspection report

Our expert will independently record all identified complaints in professional language and send it to the developer's email address for immediate correction of the complaint.
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