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Additional services

Area control

Checking the area of the apartment in the new building when taking over

If you have doubts about the credibility expressed by the developer of the area of the apartment-our experts will make a recalculation of the area of the apartment, or a separate room.

From 2 000 CZK

Legal services

We will provide a service of mediation of control of all legal documents. Our experienced team of lawyers will protect you in the labyrinth of paragraphs and legislative subtleties. They identify disputed or disadvantageous passages in documents and negotiate a better solution with the counterparty.

Conclude a contract without hidden conditions for the seller.

You do not need to argue with him, we will solve everything with the help of experienced lawyers.

The price for checking documents is always individual.

Checking for repairs

Check after developer repair.

The help of a specialist may be necessary in the event that you are not sure of your own strength, or previously detected defects are hidden, which can only be verified by experience and professional equipment

From 2 500 CZK
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